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6 simple tips to keep your legs healthy

1. Move

Move, climb stairs, move your legs around at the office and at home. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing which may cause leg pain and swelling.

2. Refresh your legs

After a long tiring day, or during warm weather, refresh your legs with a cool shower. Avoid lengthy exposure to heat, e.g. sunbathing, hot baths and saunas as this can lead to dilated veins and swollen legs.

3. Put your feet up

When you’re sat on the sofa at home or lying in bed, elevate your legs to improve venous blood return. When in the office, use a foot rest under your desk.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise is recommended to keep your body fit and healthy. Some sports aid the return of venous blood, e.g. swimming, running, walking, cycling, gymnastics, yoga. Sports associated with frequent, sudden stops are less beneficial, e.g. tennis, squash, hockey, volleyball, basketball.

5. Maintain a healthy body weight

A healthy diet will help you maintain a normal weight and thus reduce leg complaints. (At a normal body weight, your BMI should be between 19 and 24; BMI = Body Mass Index: Your BMI is calculated by dividing your weight (in kg) by the square of your height (m²)).

6. Wear SIGVARIS medical compression stockings

SIGVARIS quality products improve venous circulation, helping to prevent and treat venous problems.

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