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Putting on the liner

  1. Wound dressing (sample picture)
  2. Put on the enclosed, separately packaged liner (with closeed toe), easing it carefully over your instep and heel.
  3. Pull the liner carefully further up your legs as far as the middle of your calf.
  4.  Carefully distribute the stocking fabric evenly, pulling it up towards the knee using the special rubber gloves, and smoothing it with the palms of your hands against your leg. No folds should from while doing this.

Putting on the TRADITIONAL compression stocking

  1. Now pull on the enclosed and also separately packaged SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL compression stocking (open toed), easing it carefully over the foot-slip and then over your heel.
  2. Then use stroking movements of your hands to distribute the SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL compression evenly up to your knee, with the special SIGVARIS rubber gloves. No folds should be allowed to form. The knee-band of the SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL stocking should reach to roughly 3 cm below the knee.
  3. Lastly, adjust the fit of the fabric on your heel.

Taking off the TRADITIONAL compression stocking

Taking off the stocking is also far easier thanks to the special SIGVARIS rubber gloves. Grip the top of the stocking and pull it carefully down as far as your heel.

  1. Lastly, ease the knitted fabric gently over your heel with the palms of your hands.
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