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Instructions for donning compression stockings

If your legs are swollen when you get up in the morning. They should be dry and lightly powdered where possible. Use SIGVARIS rubber gloves. The improved grip makes it easier to don the stockings/tights. Pull the SIGVARIS stockings right up using your rubber gloves. You do not need to roll them up or invert them in advance. The stockings/tights should be pulled up until the heel is in the correct position. If a SIGVARIS product is to be worn over a bandage, it is best to first don a pair of standard nylon tights. You can then pull your SIGVARIS garment over the top without any problems.

  1. Put on “sliding” socks (for all open foot models) or use a donning aid from SIGVARIS.
  2. Pull over the heel.
  3. Do not pull up but instead smooth the knitted fabric evenly over your leg using the gloves. Hitch the stockings up to your knee – still using gloves and flat hands. When donning tights, use the gloves to smooth the fabric evenly over your thighs, too.
  4. At the front, the foot is covered up to the base of the toes, the toes remain free (for open foot models). Make sure that the heel is correctly positioned.
  5. Remove sliding socks/donning aid.

Correctly positioned SIGVARIS compression stockings:

  • In the case of a half-stocking (without soft top), the supporting edge should be positioned right under the knee.
  • For half-thigh/thigh stockings and tights, the material should be pulled up to the middle of the thigh or up to the groin.
  • The special adhesive “SIGVARIS FIX” can also be used to ensure that the stocking (model without grip-top) stays up. It is very easy to use. “SIGVARIS FIX” is available from all good specialist retailers.

Instructions for removing compression stockings

Rubber gloves also make it easier to remove compression stockings. Grip the upper edge and pull the stockings/tights down to the heel. Pull the knitted fabric over the heel with flat hands.

Videos on how to put on and remove compression stockings 

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