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EZY-AS Garment Applicator

Ezy-As applicators are available in three sizes and colour coded for easy identification

  Large  38-47 15-18.5
  Medium   32-40 12.5-15.75
  Small  28-35 11-13.5


PLEASE NOTE: A person measuring larger than 47 cm will in many cases gain the advantage of applying the most difficult lower leg portion of their stocking.


To select the correct sizemeasure the arm or leg as shown here:


  • Clean with warm water and mild detergent
  • DO NOT place in direct sunlight or near a heat source
  • DO NOT autoclave


An optional handle attachment is available to be used with the Ezy-As applicator.  The handle allows compression garments to be applied without having to bend down and is great for people with limited mobility.

The handle is designed to fit any size applicator in the Ezy-As™ range (one size fits all).




SIGVARIS Textile gloves

The new textile glove will be available in the modern SIGVARIS design from May 2016. This will significantly facilitate the donning and doffing of compression stockings.
The new textile glove from SIGVARIS has the following benefits:

  • Five different sizes ensuring a perfect fit for all sizes of hand (X small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large)
  • Breathable fabric
  • Excellent grip thanks to the textured latex coating
  • Prevents damage to the stocking



Make donning and removing medical compression stockings and tights easier.


Size chart

Small Glove size 6.5 – 7
Medium Glove size 7.5 – 8
Large Glove size 8.5 – 9
X-large Glove size 9.5 – 10


Washing solution

Maintains the quality of SIGVARIS compression socks & stockings

Helps compression hosiery to maintain their softness and durability
Specifically formulated to help maintain the quality of SIGVARIS compression socks & stockings.


Special-Adhesive “It stays”

“It stays” is a gentle roll on body adhesive to hold compression stockings on legs or arms in place. This adhesive may be used also for the attachment of orthopaedic and surgical devices.Simply roll onto skin and press article in place. “It stays” washes off with water, leaving no stain.


Doff N’Donner

DOFF N’DONNER- The revolutionary donning and removal device for medical compression stockings.

The DOFF N’DONNER (DND) is a very soft device that allows you to quickly and painlessly slide compression stockings over an arm or a leg. It is suitable for use by the wearers themselves, as well as caregivers.
The CONE simplifies the rolling of a compression stocking onto the DND. With the aid of the CONE, the medical compression stocking can also be easily unrolled from the DND. The CONE has a suction cup built into the base so that it attaches well to flat surfaces.


Your personal assistant for donning and doffing compression stockings for arms and legs.

You can use SIMON to don and doff your compression stocking quickly, effortlessly, and with very little exertion. It can even be used if you have limited mobility. SIMON is always there when you need it. It will accompany you on trips and can be easily stowed when it’s not needed.

Size chart SIMON

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